Tuck's Pedigree: Tuck ( Vindarne Frozen Assets TDX CD) AKC # HP20403001 Microchip # 466962516b Born Dec 28 2005
Tuck gets big enough to reach the mailbox. Friday, August 11, 2006

Kitchen help Thursday, February 08, 2007 (ok I was getting ready to clean, and in came the little helper. I dropped the vacuum, took the picture, hated the background, but the camera battery was on empty and the disk was full. The pan was getting heavy so I took the only shot I had)

Tuck Goes to Bed Tuck takes care of Cold sufferer Tuck playing on Slides at the playground Tuck retrieving the newspaper Tuck retrieves a hotdog

  1. 4 months: Tuck gets accepted in Ohio Task Force One Search and Rescue. Declined, because I realized dogs were disposable. MY dog is NOT disposable.
  2. 5 months: Tuck swallows a raw chicken wing and punctures stomach and intestines. nearly dies.
  3. 8 months: Tuck is accepted in Miami Valley K9 Search and Rescue
  4. 9 months: Tuck Certifies in Wilderness 3 (see below for Requirements)
  5. 10 months: Tuck draws into his first Tracking Test in Ann Arbor Michigan. He successfully completed his Tracking Dog title at the Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing tracking test at Mason Michigan on November 5 2006
  6. 10 months: Tuck enters his first Dog show on Sunday at Central Ohio Kennel Club in Columbus Ohio on November 19. He wins Two points. Going Best of Winners and Winners Dog.
  7. 10 months Thanksgiving. Family Thanksgiving Nov 23 2006.
    Tuck Fetches Newspaper (14 second video at YouTube.com)
    Tuck at the playground (28 second video at YouTube.com)
  8. 11 months Tuck gets his Companion Dog Title.
  9. Dec 28, Tuck turns one year old.
  10. Feb 18, at 13 months old, Tuck attains his Tracking Dog Excellent title (TDX)
  11. Year and a half. Tuck and Yorik go to Maryland and makean hour video of dog tricks at Riderwood Village Maryland. Video available for $25 or more donation to Elkhound rescue
    To mail in a donation, please make out your check or money order (in $US) to "JNMRF-SVC" fund and mail it to JNMRF, P.O. Box 65, Mendenhall, PA 19357.
    or use paypal

    Tuck at 1 1/2 yrs

    Tuck at 2 1/2 yrs leaving a dog show saying goodbye to everyone in his Tuck Mobile

His SAR requirements were :
Obedience Evaluation The dog will heel on command through a straight walk, a right turn, a left turn, and a 180 degree turn. The dog will be off lead or on a loose lead. The dog will sit or stand in the heeling position when the handler stops. The dog will remain in place without correction for a minimum of five minutes with the handler a minimum of 50 feet away. The dog will remain in place even if people or other dogs are present and moving around the dog. The dog will not be tied. The dog will return to the handler immediately when called. The handler must be able to stop the dog while it is in motion.
Agility Evaluation The dog will jump onto an object, such as the tailgate of a pickup truck or an elevated platform, having a minimum height of 2.5 feet. The dog will walk across a board that is at least 12 feet long, no more than 12 inches wide, and is at least 3 feet above the ground. The dog will go through a 36" diameter passageway at least 8 feet long. The dog will perform these tasks physically unaided.
He has achieved operations certification with Miami Valley K9 Search and Rescue as a LEVEL 3 - Wilderness/ Rural Consisting of the following requirements. The track must be completed in the time it takes the target to lay the track. 1 - 1 mile unknown track (through varied terrain) 60 minutes old (time starts when target is in place) 2 road crossings (gravel, dirt, logging road, etc..) 4 right angle turns 1 cross track that is more recent then the track 4 target related articles (articles will be within 5' of either side of the track and can be clothes, shoes, pack, or anything a person might carry with them) 1 dead-end with a backtrack (backtrack will be a maximum of 50')
Requirements for tracking dog title.:
To do this the track must be 440 to 500 yards in length. Consisting of 3-5 legs of at least 50 yards in length. There will be no fences, boundaries or markers to guide the dog. The track will be walked by a stranger 1/2 to 2 hours prior to introducing the dog to the track. The dog will take the scent from a personal article left by the unknown stranger at the start of the track. The dog will then follow that scent until the dog finds a glove or a wallet 440-500 yards at the conclusion of the track. The Handler will not guide,or aide the dog in any manner, and must stay a minimum of 20 feet behind the dog. The dog must stay on the course.